Steve's Voyage Haikus

Manaus haiku, 4/21/12

Portuguese sounds smooshy
it’s hot outside but the cyber café is air-conditioned
in my dreams I’m naked at work

Manaus haiku II, 4/24/12

my wife is awesome
the kingfishers squawk on the bluff
I took a nap

Manaus haiku III, 5/10/12

the rainstorm never hit
there is an inkstain on my new shirt
sewing requires patience

Manaus haiku IV, 5/23/12

firecrackers wake me
boys in white uniforms wander in the garden
from an eve falls a curtain of rain

Manaus haiku V, 5/28/12

the clouds are hot
I’ve always like the Brazilian flag
death comes to a mosquito

Manaus haiku VI, 6/3/12

bathed and primped
a fifteen-year old girl
emerges from the slum

Manaus haiku VII, 6/3/12

on Sundays few people are about
shipyard dogs gather in the shade
of an unfinished ferry

Manaus haiku VIII, 6/3/12

fish bone in the street
jangalanga music
the women wear sparkly jeans!

Manaus haiku IX, 6/3/12

puppy nosing in the garbage
mildewed stucco
in my dreams I sneak down dark passageways

Manaus haiku X, 6/8/12

a new noisemaker toy
sweeps the neighborhood

Manaus haiku IX, 6/12/12

sweat glistens on Ginny’s temple
a radio left on all night
on my birthday I ate mangos

Rio Madeira haiku, 7/3/12

Ginny scrubs the oatmeal pot
brushes and floss scattered on the cockpit floor
swerving párrots catch the sun, glint green

Rio Madeira haiku II, 7/3/12

the motor clanks
a vulture spreads its wings to dry
in my dreams my belongings are scattered all over

Rio Guapore haiku, 7/21/12
the sun fires
a spider´s silken thread
from my mast streaming

Rio Guapore haiku II, 7/26/12
Where all is strange
(our American flag flaps faded on the foremast)
one´s outlook remains fresh

Rio Guapore haiku III, 8/14/12

Where all is strange
(a bird that folds its wings like a butterfly)
one´s viewpoint remains fresh

Rio Guapore haiku IV, 8/14/12

A barge loaded with yellow bricks
had sunk in the shallows
on the Pimenteiros waterfront

On the Rio Paraguay, 8/16/12

Thurston has caught the southern trades
'mongst the pointy hills of Paraguay
(water hyacinth, cactus, cattle)

On the Rio Paraguay II, 8/25/12

bills with five zeros
a soldier with a French-Foreign-Legion-type cap
new country! (Paraguay)

On the Rio Paraguay III, 8/25/12

whir (with each oar stroke the)
whir (little white wheels of my)
whir (sliding seat make this sound)

On the Rio Paraguay IV, 8/25/12

burning fields
a nap while the other steers
almost to Argentina
the water is cold now

Corrientes, Argentina, 9/17/12

here balding men shave their heads
women kiss each other's cheeks
the yacht club has two cats

Corrientes, Argentina, 9/17/12

cats are much alike everywhere
but some have better fur
than others

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