Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010 - Caye Caulker

Well we really got married. Hopefully this doesn't mean we'll have to start acting grown up or responsible. We had a somewhat unique ceremony here on Caye Caulker in the yard of Hummingbird Hideaway, the property our parents rented for their stay on the island. The owner was really nice and helped us out with everything.

The ceremony was split into 5 acts, each representing a stage on the path to marriage. We asked our friends and family to participate, doing whatever they felt like to make the ceremony more interesting. Steve's cousin Kristy did Act 1: Exploration. She made a wonderful speech which made everyone teary eyed. Ginny's mom Lois did Act 2: Euphoria. She had us all blowing bubbles and popping fire crackers. Act 3 was Insanity. Ginny's friends, the Fantastics, contact juggled and eyeball juggled. Steve's nephew made everyone hackysack which was probably pretty funny to watch. Act 4 was Love. Steve's father sang some beautiful love songs, accompanied by Kristy for two of them. Act 5, Marriage, was the best one! Ginny's sister orated. Afterward we made our own little speech then bicycled off with clanging cans behind to another house where we had a feast of delicious breakfast foods.

It was definitely the best wedding which has ever occurred in all of time.

Twelve of our family and friends were able to attend. Way more than we ever expected! Everyone stayed about a week and we ran around a lot trying to get in as much time with everyone as possible. They left too soon! Now we've spent the last week or so on our honeymoon, also known as "boat work time"! Lots of little repairs and improvements needed, as per usual.

A couple days ago we were trying to sail to San Pedro in almost no wind to renew our visas when we saw someone waving from an anchored sailboat. A friend we had met in Mexico! He was motoring to Belize City and we decided to join him and do our paperwork there. How different it is to be on a 35 foot boat with a keel! It was a great trip, but we all got over confident near the city and stopped watching out for shallows. We ran aground and could not get off! A couple miles from the city we were able to dinghy in and get all our chores done, but when we took the water taxi back to Caye Caulker we felt terrible to see he was still stuck. Hopefully he's free by now.

We're back in Caye Caulker, with a couple more items on the "to do" list, then we plan on checking out the atolls. So much left to see in Belize!

More photos may be found in our Current Photo Album.