Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

We´re in Tulum now! Our old home.
We spent a some weeks here on the beach a couple years ago and now we´re doing the same. The first night in the anchorage it was too rough and we had to find a place to pitch the tent. There is now only one place you can get away with free camping on the beach and we´ve found it. I guess it´s a skill we have. Spent the past few days swimming the reef, mourning the loss of our sweet bird Grax (Ginny rescued a baby grackler from cats, she didn´t survive the boat life long :( ) and provisioning for the last 150 miles or so before Belize. The rest of this trip through Mexico will be mostly through deserted beaches and mangrove lagoons. There is a lot of reef to explore and we are looking forward to going very slowly through it all.
There are 30 or so new pictures in our current photo album for your enjoyment.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010

We have been back in Isla Mujeres for a few days now after spending a week in the Puerto Juarez/Cancun area. For the first time we reached a place we had been before and had the luxury of seeing old friends.

We anchored just off "Playa del niƱo" and waded to shore. This is the first beach we ever saw on our trip into Cancun two years ago (turns out there aren't many public beaches despite how many there are for tourists) and the same beach upon which we met Mark and Javier. While in Puerto Juarez we made sure to spend a lot of time hanging out with them and their awesome pets.

Besides hanging out, gorging on delicious Mexican food, and marveling at the plethora of products and services available in this rather affluent part of Mexico, we have also been accomplishing some things.

Steve has been writing articles for "Small Craft Advisory", a small boater's magazine which you may be able to find in your local book store or West Marine. So far he has written three, and will continue to write them as we expand our travels. Presumably there will be one per month starting in a month or two. Also, we settled on a time and place for our hobo wedding. July 1st in Caye Caulker, Belize. Some of our favorite people in the world will be coming and we are getting very excited to see them! Lastly, We bought a fancy new solar panel and since being back in Isla Mujeres have installed a whole new electrical system. Thanks to our awesome neighbors here in the harbor we didn't even screw it up! Now we have more juice for working on our photos, writing to-do lists and watching cartoons. All the most important activities.

Soon we plan to return to Cancun to hang out a little more before going off on our lonely way South. There are 23 new pictures up in the album "Thurston in Mexico". Enjoy!