Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

We´re in Tulum now! Our old home.
We spent a some weeks here on the beach a couple years ago and now we´re doing the same. The first night in the anchorage it was too rough and we had to find a place to pitch the tent. There is now only one place you can get away with free camping on the beach and we´ve found it. I guess it´s a skill we have. Spent the past few days swimming the reef, mourning the loss of our sweet bird Grax (Ginny rescued a baby grackler from cats, she didn´t survive the boat life long :( ) and provisioning for the last 150 miles or so before Belize. The rest of this trip through Mexico will be mostly through deserted beaches and mangrove lagoons. There is a lot of reef to explore and we are looking forward to going very slowly through it all.
There are 30 or so new pictures in our current photo album for your enjoyment.

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