Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009

Have you noticed lately the dramatic increase in the misery of existence? The black hole of despair eating the entire universe? Well, don't fret too much, everything will end soon enough. It is true that the world revolves (revolved) around only one creature and sure enough it must be stopping now with her passing. Presumably we will all disappear within the next few days. Thankfully.

So, go crazy! Punch your enemies, hug your cats, loot your neighborhood grocery store, and try to find some meager pleasure in our new and entirely unwelcome Thurstonless Universe.

In memory of our dearly departed fuzzy friend we have finally christened our boat, Thurston, a name that will carry with it the wisdom, dignity and pure spirit of the world's most perfect creature. Also, hopefully, it will act as a beacon to her ghost!

It's hard to remember what we were doing before, but there are some new pictures in our photo album.

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