Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7th, 2009

Trying to be better about updating... trying to be better about updating...
We've got a few new pictures in our online album at:

Since being back in Washington Steve has been fixing up and renting out his house, while Ginny has been hanging out with her best friend Jenna and her favorite, favorite cats Thurston and Snazz (plus a bunch of other awesome cats too.) This is definitely as exciting as it sounds.
Other fun things we have done include: Thrift store shopping with Jenna, truck maintanence and (one of our few purely social activities) a party at Steve's friend Tzaddi's place on Lake Union. Thanks to everyone who made it, we had a great time.

Here are some pictures of the cats we've been hanging out with. If you want pictures with humans in them you'll have to go to the photo album.

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