Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd, 2009

We left Lena's place Saturday night and went down to Bonne Terre, MO where her father has a lake house.

Spent a couple days there swimming and feasting and a good hour or two staring at molting dragonflies. Just so you know, they are SUPER weird. Took a few pictures of them:

Monday we drove out in the afternoon until we reached the Mark Twain National Forest. There we found an awesome rickety, rusty old tower to climb

and a neglected forest road which led into some excellent camping grounds. Shot off some bottlerockets (Steve's excellent aim resulted in an enormous gaping wound on Ginny's leg) and hiked down into a stony valley before moving on. Covered many miles the next few days, spending the following night in an Oklahoma rest area where we met a possible ex-juggalo (!) who gave us directions to the Rainbow Gathering which just happens to be going on in the mountains near Steve's niece's house in Albuquerque (where we were already headed.) We hoped Carley would be able to make it down, but unless someone wants to sport her a ticket asap it looks like it'll be a 2/3's bandido event. Here in Albuquerque we have been hanging out with Steve's niece and family and mixing up garbage bin's full of pancake mix for the gathering.

Some more recent pictures may be found at:

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